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Charlie Rayne
Name | Charlie Rayne
Nicknames | Comet. Twinkle Star. Ray.
Age | 15
Birthday |  3rd October 2002
Gender |
Species | Beastling - Insect
Race| Firefly
Comet is a purple firefly with black spot-like markings which he can make glow. He has a plump, stout sort of look and at 4'6 he isn't exactly the tallest person in the world. His black markings appear on his arms, underneck, stomach and tail. His tail ends in a common bobble, similar to his spots. His wings are black, they and his antenna also glow. His black hair can be best described as a brushed-forward soft flop that runs down his neck like a mane. His eyes are golden, they often twinkle and shine when he's excited or really happy.
Comet doesn't brush off important matters with jokes and goofing around, he will confront the threat usually with a responsible manner.
He isn't all party crashing and fun killing, he does know how to have fun, he
:icondragongirlkal:DragongirlKal 1 0
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Hi there! Welcome to my page and gallery!
wanna talk? wanna chat? go ahead! I don't bite, I wanna make new friends and stuff.
If you like rp, plllleeeaase! please don't hesitate to ask, I mostly rp with my characters, but I don't mind if you bring in fandoms, I like mashup rps where everyone from everything can be in it XD FUN!

|Art Status|
Requests - Not Right Now
Commissions - Not Right Now
Trades - I've got a couple to do at the moment ^-^

|To Art List|

Art Trades.
Me0wAdopts - 0\3.

Prizes For DMOC Contest.
UmbraDaemon - 3rd place. Started!

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This is just a little conversation between Dent and Shadow.

" can not escape. Don't.. You see? You.. Are me!",
A cackle shrieked it's way from his throat, or was that mine? I really couldn't tell.
"I'll never be like you", I responded to my own reflection in a mirror..a damn mirror! " your not even real!". The mirror cracked as the doppelganger sprang at me with a shrieking scream.
And then. I woke up.
I was on the ground.
"Now", the whispering hiss came from behind me. "I'm as real. As your fear of me.. And... I am as powerful as your... Let's call it... Your misery...everyone passes you off as the happy one... Who never would crack...who is always smiling... Little do they know how you do it... By torturing me with the negative.. And in turn.. I repay the favor".
I thought I was in the bathroom. I was in my room.
" Why..don't we, have a little fun? ", a shadow rose above me, wielding sharpest blade I have ever seen. He came down on me, aiming directly for my neck, I tried to get up, fucking sleep paralysis! I couldn't move.
I closed my eyes, the only thing I could do, was let it happen.
I'm gonna be dead for next few weeks.... so if my activity suddenly drops to zero don't be surprised...seeyas
Upcoming Contest! Just a heads up to those interested! ^_^


DragongirlKal's Profile Picture
Katie O'Hara
Artist | Student
Thank you all so much for entering, it really means a lot.
Due to there only being like 5 entries everyone's gonna get something :)

Also at the very end of this journal, help me decide the next themes for the next Contest. ( It'd be appreciated if you had an idea :3 )

The first place prize was a really hard decision, but alas, the sheer feeling of energy and epic battle sang from Eternity9's entry:

Ready to rumble by Eternity9

I love epic fight scenes. They're my favorite parts of movies.
You win a full body with a background!
Thank you so much! ^-^
The second place prize was just as hard a decision. But, I finally forced myself to make a choice based on what was happening and personality.
So. As hard as it was.

2 dragons walk into a bar. by Ekairim

Beer and Dragons aren't usually what you mix to get a good outcome. But this. Bruh. I love the silliness going on. Ashie is very nice in your style. These two will be feeling this one in the morning XD
Thank you for the entry! ^-^
You win a half body with background! ( it'll probably look like a selfie CX)
Annnd Fireprinces20 3rd place!

[Contest] Cristal cave by Fireprinces20

Oh boy oh boi oh boi. Dent looks so well in your style. He looks like he's cracked a poorly made joke and is laughing at himself and I love it XD it's adorable. Damn it I love the effects on the crystals and the expressions, I love it!
You win a headshot with creative border!
And the last minute added 4th place is a draw between Keyotea and byzance123 I'm gonna give you guys a sketchy headshot each.

As I said, I feel a little bit bad that there was very little competition, so everyone gets something ^-^

Next competition, will be a little similar to this one. Except, I'll only give two themes because I feel like I might have overwhelmed people with three. ^^
I would post this as a poll, but I don't have Core.

These are themes I was thinking of for the next one:
1. Hallowe'en. Cos…'s the next holiday and stuffs…and spookies.
2. Mini comics. I'd love to see how people bounce my OCs of each other and off their own characters. ( Also I'm trying to kick myself into comic making)
3. Xmas. I know its a lot further away, but it would give people a little more time and it's one of my personal favorite times of year :3
4. This is where my head drops me into nothingness XD and I need a little help.

Also. If anyone would like to do a collab contest, because I'd love to work with somebody else if it would be plausible ^-^

Not that I'll be launching this one just yet. I might have a project running to work off of when I finally get off my butt and launch it, but please do let me know what you think, it'd be really helpful! ^-^
Thanks again for the wonderful entries,
seeya doodles next time!… <~ Check out this Raffle yo! go check it out guys! :3




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ShinyRaupy Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Heyy you won the Raffle you had entered!

You will get 150 points and a fullbody drawing!

Just please tell me what I should draw for you <3
DragongirlKal Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2017  Student
Oh my, I was not expecting that at all, thank you!

Would you be able to draw this guy? I'd really love to see him in your style, it's really nice ^_^
ShinyRaupy Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, that should be fine <3

(It's awkward having a character with the same (almost the same) name as the one you're supposed to draw lol xD ) 
DragongirlKal Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2017  Student
Yay! I can't wait! ≥w≤

( Charlie or Comet? He goes by both XD)
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Thanks so much for the watch! ;w; Really means a lot! :heart:
DragongirlKal Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2017  Student
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